Cut Your Heating Bill in Half

thermal convection and heating your home

I had run across this little trick a few days a ago and I was a little bit skeptical at first but to my utter amazement this actually works and it is based on hard science. It is no surprise that energy cost are on the rise and it is very important to someone looking to save money to cut as many corners as possible. Warming your house is one of the biggest money grabber of them all.  Depending on where you live, your utility bill can reach a thousand dollars in the dead of winter.


Here is a little trick that will cut your heating bill in half is not more. The secret is based on the scientific principle of convective heat transfer. The Wikipedia has this defined as: often referred to simply as convection, is the transfer of heat from one place to another by the movement of fluids. Convection is usually the dominant form of heat transfer in liquids and gases. Although often discussed as a distinct method of heat transfer, convective heat transfer involves the combined processes of conduction (heat diffusion) and advection (heat transfer by bulk fluid flow).

thermal convection and heating your home


Cut your heating bill by using the following steps


STEP ONE: Get about 100 small tea candles. These are super cheap and you can get 100 of them for a few bucks.














STEP TWO: get two clay plant pots with a hole in the bottom


clay pot to heat your home








STEP THREE: get a metal bread tin

STEP FOUR: place four candles in the bead tin and light them

STEP FIVE: place one pot over the tin and cover the end with one of the metal lids for the candle

STEP SIX:  place another pot over the first pot. within a few seconds, you will start to feel the heat coming from the top and bottom.


Four candles will provide around 4 hours of heat, so you will want to use one in the morning/afternoon and one at night. I would not recommend leaving while this is burning even though it is pretty stable.  So this amounts to around  $.80 per day to keep your house warm. If you have a bigger place you may have to use more then one set up which would drive the cost to 1.60 per day. Think about how much you can save in warming cost just by keeping the central heating OFF.






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